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Who We Are

Our Vision

Our Mission

“It’s a good program for the youth”

Carlinda Akins

”Great program it’s very helpful, come on out and see for yourself, you won’t regret it”

Tiffany McGhee

“My daughter’s attitude toward adults and kids is much more pleasant to be around”

Nora Mom

“The staff and the program was great and it was an excellence learning experience for my grandkids”

Cheryl Jones

“My kids love Keepsafe”

Antonia Knox

Our Branches

Keepsafe believes in meeting the needs of the whole child. Students have an opportunity to engage in academics, social growth and development, vocational and trade exposure, physical fitness and fun, and mental health and behavioral services.

Branch: Social Growth & Development

Branch: Physical Fitness & Fun

Branch: Field Trip Experiences

Branch: Vocational & Trades Experience and Exposure

Branch: Academics

Tutor Time: During our daily tutor time homework assistance is provided. Students also engage in a review of basic skills in reading and math through song and rap.

Literature Circles/Read Aloud: Students have a designated book that is read daily and the literature circle model is used to have book discussions around the text. Building the love of reading.

Passion Turned Nonprofit

Become Rooted With Us