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Who We Are

Our Vision

Our Mission

KeepSafe Character References

Branch One: KeepSafe Early Learning Exposure

 Focused on providing foundational reading skills to early youth ages 4-6 who are economically disadvantaged. Youth will have an opportunity to engage in writing, math, technology, science, & gardening. Program will be offered during the summer, winter and spring break. Allowing our economically disadvantaged early age youth the opportunity to have equitable experiences as their peers. 


Branch Two: KeepSafe Trades and Entrepreneurship Development

Branch Three: Keepsafe Tutoring & Support Services

Assists youth and young adults in academic performance, financial support, & career and job opportunities. This includes: after school tutoring/weekend tutoring, ACT/SAT Prep, GED Prep, Resume Support, and Financial Literacy.

Technology integration is provided through all three learning branches at KeepSafe Learning, Inc. ensuring better academic outcomes while also decreasing the digital divide between economically disadvantaged youth. 

Passion Turned Nonprofit

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